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Image (My Podcast Set I) by Patrick Breitenbach (CC BY 2.0)
If you have not so many opportunities to have conversations in Portuguese, doesn't mean that you have excuses. You have access to radios and podcasts in the Internet.

The radio can be a really good way to listen Portuguese native speakers talking. But we need to understand some points before:

1) The radio won't teach you Portuguese!
On the radio, you can have news, entertainment, music and conversations. Of course, you will learn a lot of new expressions and your vocabulary will improve a lot. Also you will get used to hear people talking faster. But that does not mean the radio will teach you Portuguese in a miracle.

2) If you don't pay attention, the effort will be useless.
You will realize that listening to the radio or podcast all day while you do everything but pay attention, won't help you. You must dedicate some time and try to understand the context of conversations or news. Do you know the difference between "ouvir" and "escutar"? So, this is the point here.

3) Not only hear!
"Ouvir" refers to the sense of hearing. "Escutar" requires more than this, you must pay attention, must to understand and memorize the subject. So, try the following: pay attention to a conversation, then write a short text about what you did understand. You can choose specific news, an advertisement, a joke from the presenter, a request from a listener or even an entire episode of a podcast.

4) It will be much easier if you listen to what you like.
It will be very difficult to practice if you simply choose the first station that you found on the Internet. It would be interesting to test with multiple stations and pick some that you like. In Portuguese-speaking countries there are all kinds of radio programming, maybe one of them is very similar to your favorite station.

Here are some suggestions. You can choose the best schedules or programs that you found more useful and interesting to listen whenever you can:

Some stations of Brazil:
- Rádio CBN (News and Dialogues): CBN - São Paulo
- Rádio Jovem Pan (World Pop Music): Jovem Pan - Curitiba
- Rádio Nova Brasil (Brasilian Songs): Nova Brasil FM
- Other options:

Some stations from Portugal
- Rádio Antena 1 (Portuguese Songs): Antena 1 - Lisboa
- Rádio Cidade (World Pop Music): Rádio Cidade - Lisboa
- Rádio TSF (News and Dialogues): TFS - Lisboa
- Other options:

Some radios from Angola, Mozambique, Green Cape, Timor East and Macau:
- Rádio Luanda (Music): Rádio Luanda - Angola
- Rádio LM (Music): Rádio LM - Mozambique
- Rádio Praia (Music): Rádio Praia - Cape Verde
- Rádio RDPI (News and dialogues): RDPI - Timor-East
- Rádio Macau (News and Music): Rádio Macau - Macau

Important note:
- "O radio": Transmission of sounds using radioelectric waves. = BROADCASTING
- "O radio": Receiving device for radio waves. = RADIO DEVICE
- "A radio": Transmission station of radio waves. = RADIO BROADCASTING STATION

There are several podcasts in Portuguese available (for free or paid). With them you can listen to courses, dialogues and tips. There are options for beginners and also for those who are at the advanced level. Here are some examples:

Free Podcasts:

Other Podcasts:
- (PT-PT)
- (PT-BR)
- (PT-BR)
- (PT-BR)

Well, these are my suggestions for you. I believe that you can easily try to listen some Portuguese language radios or podcasts every day. I would like to highlight my suggestion to use DeliCast to search more radios that you may like. If you have some suggestions, your comments will be really appreciated :-)

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