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Activities with audio and video for listening practice.


Task based lessons to be carried out in one week.


Topics and questions for conversation classes in Portuguese.


Why an English version for the blog?

Well, because in this level you need to understand some basic concepts very well before taking advantage of tips and tricks discussed on the Portuguese version of my blog. Also, sometimes you will need some advice that applies better to English speakers, and I can use this space to explore more about this topic according to your needs.

If you need to learn the basics of the Portuguese language, you can go directly to the Portuguese Course for Beginners. Allá, encontrarás una serie de artículos organizados en forma de curso que pueden ayudarte con diversos conceptos gramaticales.

You can also find intermediate level articles using the vertical menu "POPULAR ARTICLES" on the right side of the pages. Another way is to find the articles by date using the combobox "ALL ARTICLES IN THE BLOG".

Even at the basic or intermediate level, you can read the articles and exercises of the original Portuguese version of my blog.