Friday, February 9, 2018

How do I say in Portuguese: CAFÉ DA MANHÃ o PEQUENO-ALMOÇO?

Image (Breakfast) by jeffreyw (CC BY 2.0)
For uyou it can be easy: "breakfast"... But how can we use the right expression in Portuguese? Let's see it.

I have a friend named Linda. She lives in Sweden and learns Portuguese. She told me she has problems with the word that gives name to the first meal of the day in Portuguese. Why is that? She explained to me that she likes to read many books in Portuguese and she realized that this meal may have different names depending on the region. And because of that, she can never remember the right name.

So let's see some popular expressions:

The word "desjejum" is used in all Portuguese speaking countries. But, it is not popular in any of them. I left it as the first on the list because it's a word that everyone knows, even though it's hardly used.

"Café da manhã" it's the expression used in all regions of Brazil. In older publications you can read "café-da-manhã" (with the hyphen), but after the new spelling agreement, the expression is written without the hyphen: "café da manhã".

The most used expression in Portugal is "pequeno-almoço". In Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique, this expression is also known. Remember that this expression will always have the hyphen.

"Mata-bicho" it's a very used expression in countries such as Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique. Also, it will always have the hyphen.

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