Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Olá! My first suggestion for your learning trail is to learn the Portuguese alphabet (alfabeto português). Because, as a beginner, you have to be able to spell some words and understand when someone spells some word for you. Also, by learning the Portuguese alphabet, you will manage to start figuring out how words are pronounced. So it's really important.

Maybe you already know some words in Portuguese. So first, let's try something... You can use the text area bellow to write down the Portuguese words that you already know. Maybe you can remember one word that starts with each one of these letters.

If you don't know any word, don't worry. You can skip this part and watch the video bellow. It will show you the Portuguese Alphabet and its pronunciation, as well as some words to help you to start to build your vocabulary:

Accent in the video: São Paulo city/South East region/Brazil/

Now you can try another exercise. Listen to the audios bellow where someone spells a Portuguese word and write down the word in the respective text boxes:

WORD 1 (Brazil's accent) Spelling:

Your answer:

Now listen to the word:

WORD 2 (Portugal's accent) Spelling:

Your answer:

Now listen to the word:

Maybe you noticed that some letters have a very different pronunciation from your mother language and some letters are very similar. You can try to memorize them and try to identify the standards for the words you are learning. Don't forget to try the other articles in this series by clicking in the Course Menu link. Até logo!


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    1. Obrigada Diana! Espero que os outros tópicos também sejam úteis :-)